Kamal Tahtah

kamal tahtah director morocco studio

French creative director,
since 20 years.

Kamal Tahtah is the founder.

Kamal designed the company as an open ecosystem, favoring initiative and individual responsibility.

Our multidisciplinary team has 6 employees and relies on a vast creative and technical network: directors, journalists, graphic designers, cinematographers, technicians, from the event to the audiovisual service. So many views, know-how, experiences that intersect to enrich each project and make it tailor-made.

Why does your web marketing strategy need a video?

of consumers

are more likely to purchase a product online after seeing a video of that product.

of Facebook Top Posts

of 2021 were videos. a video increases engagement by 59% compared to a post with a photo

of mobile content

viewed online is video content.
Fewer and fewer people are spending time on TV.


Hosting your video on YouTube and integrating it on your website and your social networks will bring you a lot, in the short and medium term.

6 reasons to Choose us?

Experienced compagny

Kassidy Studio knows what to do to get the best results and what type of content best suits your goals. We also have the experience to coordinate a shoot, direct actors where necessary, and manage the project in its entirety.

team of professionals

Our team of professionals is qualified and experienced. They have already made hundreds of videos and know what works and what doesn’t to sell a service or a product via video. Our teams also know how to produce videos in several languages, which is a real plus these days for marketing a product internationally.

Perfect Equipment

Another big reason to use a video production agency is to have access to their equipment. Indeed, professional production companies have high-tech equipment to record professional-quality videos.

we save you time

Creating a professional video takes time and skill. Learning editing and post-production techniques on your own, or even delegating this task to someone who does not have the required expertise, requires time that you may not have at your disposal.

Investing in a video production company is therefore a way to save on training and learning, while maximizing results.


FLEXIBILITY & adaptability

Video creation can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, but Kassidy studio is used to working under pressure. We have the ability to quickly adapt to your needs. Our team is diverse to support any type of project, whatever your budget.


professional quality result

It will benefit you to hire Kassidy Studio if you are concerned about the quality of the end result.
The quality of your video is easy for your audience to notice, it is important that it is good. Poor video quality can damage your reputation and notoriety.

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